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testimonials 07"The past three months has been an amazing opportunity. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with such talented, helpful, and passionate individuals.

What I was most impressed about was the considerations that needs to be taken into account before setting up a wind turbine plant such as making sure that no bird, bats, indigenous species, watercourses and civil infrastructure are affected by the project.

I have learnt various new skills and definitely feel that this was a stepping into the pursuit of my career in renewable energy. I have enjoyed my stay and would like to say thank you to the G7 team."

Jyoti Cara - Intern - South Africa: (3 months in 2016) 

testimonials 09"Working with G7 Renewable Energies was an invaluable 6-month experience for my career, providing me with extensive support and exposure within the renewable energy industry in Southern Africa. G7 is a pioneering organisation, full with industry leadership, the potential for innovation and a strongly reputable work ethic and company culture.

A fun and engaging work space, the team is constantly available to offer support and in-depth insight into the industry in a very easy going in a sociable environment. The open work space and approachability of both senior employees and directors offers the opportunity to draw industry insight and develop like no other.

I am incredibly grateful for being given the opportunity to develop my knowledge, skills and network whilst representing G7. I am extremely confident in the future of the organisation and would strongly encourage any young renewable energy industry entrant to approach the organisation for similar opportunities."

Kyle Walbeck - Intern - South Africa: (6 months in 2016) 

testimonials 08"Working at G7 marked the first time I ever encountered the renewable energy field in action. I had the opportunity to do market research and financial modelling and this has equipped me with important knowledge for a career in renewable energy in the African context. I learnt a lot about what it takes to have an entrepreneurial mindset and gained important skills to complement renewable energy knowledge gained in university and through my research at G7. The G7 team is an immensely supportive group with a positive mindset and they made my first contact with the working world a seamless transition."

Andre Troost - Intern - South Africa: (3 months in 2016) 

testimonials-10"Working at G7 Renewable Energies for six months was an invaluable experience for me. The company gave me the opportunity to get my first working experience in the exciting world of renewable energy and made an unforgettable impression.

I learned a lot about feasibility studies of project sites and related Environmental Impact Assessments in South Africa and witnessed all other aspects that come with renewable energy development. The G7 team is a reliable party in renewable energy project development as their knowledge and expertise covers all project development stages. I would like to thank the G7 team for the great time and all the support and opportunities they gave me, these will certainly help kickstart my career in renewable energy."

Roel van Ooij - Intern - The Netherlands (6 months)

Invasion of Ideas

On résiste à l'invasion des armées; on ne résiste pas à l'invasion des idées

One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas

Victor Hugo - Histoire d'un Crime (1852)